And so it begins….

I decided to start up this blog today after coming to the realization that I would not want to live in a community like the one where i grew up. I came to this conclusion after moving away to college and experiencing a totally different kind of built environment. I grew up in Winnetka, CA, an auto-centric suburb of Los Angeles. After attending grade school, I graduated and moved up North to attend college at the University of California, Davis. During my time as an undergrad, my perception of transportation changed dramatically. I came from a culture that drove from one end of a shopping plaza to another. My time at Davis introduced me to public transportation, as well as walking and biking.

Now that I have graduated and am getting ready to move back home, I am going to miss the wonderful facilities for pedestrians and bicyclists that Davis has to offer. I am going to miss the dedicated bicycle paths, the bicycle traffic signals, the bicycle parking, etc.  After thinking about what I am going to miss most about Davis’s bike/ped infrastructure, I suddenly began to think why does Davis have this but Winnetka doesn’t?

After speaking with some friends about where they want to live after college, none of them answered “where we grew up.” They all found “home” to be “ghetto,” “dirty,” etc. They all want to live elsewhere. This is why I am starting this blog and hopefully a new movement. Rather than abandoning my community and moving away to a place that has better facilities for bicyclists and pedestrians, I want to improve the respective facilities in my community.  I believe that our streets are too automobile oriented and that there is enough space for cars, bikes, and people to coexist. Stay tuned for more in the coming days!!!!



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2 responses to “And so it begins….

  1. Jeannie

    I think the only thing I miss about our hometown is the memories. I miss our memories 🙂 I want to stay in San Diego and my parents want me to move back to Monterey Park, which I refuse… I hate driving there. btw, I miss YOU 🙂

  2. Kevin

    LOL make the valley revelant again. I like the dedication. Lets go home and eat good food too 🙂

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