How Walkable is Your Neighborhood?

How walkable do you consider your community? That really depends on how close certain amentities are to your home. Could you conveniently walk from your home to the grocery store to grab a carton of eggs? Could you walk a few blocks to get to a grade school or how about a neighborhood park?

Santa Monica, CA

A walkable neighborhood has many benefits for its residents. Because peope aren’t shackled to their cars for most remedial trips, vehicle miles traveled (VMT) decreases, which reduces vehicle emissions, and traffic. Personal health benefits as well with the average resident of a walkable negihborhood weighing an average of 7 lbs less than someone who lives in a sprawling neighborhood. Walkable neighborhoods also have financial benefits seen in the form of higher valued homes.

sprawling suburbs = anti-walkability

Find out your neighborhood’s walkability score and see what amenities are nearby your house!


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