Reseda Theater Looking for a New Lease on Life

Reseda Theater

The Los Angeles Community Redevelopment Agency (CRA) is planning to issue a request for proposals (RFP) that would seek qualified developers, firms, individuals, and/or join ventures for development of the Reseda Theater site at 18447 Sherman Way.

Aerial photo of opportunity site parcels. Building on parcel labeled "Vacant Lot" has since been demolished.

The site is located in “Downtown Reseda.” Uses around the site include a Chevron gas station, and thrift stores. The CRA is not requiring that the theater itself be maintained or rehabilitated. The building can be demolished as it is not a historical landmark. The CRA is however, requiring that any project incorporate the iconic “RESEDA” blade sign into its design. Any uses are permitted (commercial, retail, office, entertainment, housing, or mixed-uses).

Reseda Theater 1963

This project could possibly ignite the redevelopment of Downtown Reseda into a vibrant commercial district where people go to shop, eat, and play. Store fronts are already street oriented, which promotes walkability. Could “Downtown Reseda” someday look like this?

Old Town Pasadena

For more information, visit the CRA/LA website by clicking the link below.


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