Factoids: 30/10

from Metro 30/10 website

What exactly is 30/10?

According to Metro, 30/10 means accomplishing 30 years’ worth of transit projects in just 10…. Projects originally scheduled to be built over three decades will now be completed by 2019….

How will it be done?

When Angelenos voted to approve Measure R, the half cent sales tax increase, we committed around $40 billion dollars over the next 30 years to help fund congestion relief projects throughout LA County. 30/10 will set a new precedent for how transit projects are funded. Metro is seeking a loan from the federal government so that it can fund projects today. Originally, under Measure R, projects could only be constructed as funding became available.

What are the benefits?

  • 160,000 new jobs created in construction and permanent operations and maintenance
  • 521,000 fewer pounds of mobile source pollution emissions
  • 10.3 million fewer gallons of gasoline used
  • 77 million more transit boardings
  • 191 million fewer vehicle miles traveled

Transit Projects Accelerated include:

  • Metro Purple Line extension to the Westside
  • Metro Gold Line Extension (Foothill Extension) East of Pasadena
  • Metro Gold Line Extension (Eastside Extension)
  • Metro Green Line Extension (South Bay & LAX Extension)
  • Metro Expo Line Phase 2 (to Santa Monica)
  • Metro Regional Connector Project
  • Metro Crenshaw/LAX Transit Corridor
  • San Fernando Valley East North – South Rapidways
  • San Fernando Valley 405 Corridor Connection
  • Metro Orange Line Extension (Chatsworth Metrolink Station)

Highway Improvements

  • I-405, 110, 105, 91 Ramp/Interchange Improvements: auxiliary lanes and ramp reconfigurations
  • I-405 Sepulveda Pass widening
  • I-5 Capacity Enhancement: adding one carpool lane in each direction along the 5 between the 134 and the 170.

Other Improvements

  • Development of bicycle facilities throughout Los Angeles County
  • Road resurfacing and pothole repair
  • Pedestrian improvements
  • enhancement of bus stops
  • signal synchronization projects including left turn arrows at intersections
  • expansion of regional traffic monitoring systems

For more information about 30/10, click the image below.


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One response to “Factoids: 30/10

  1. Stephen

    That “space required” picture is inaccurate because it doesn’t account for the time to move those vehicles. Slow moving buses and bicycles block lanes, effectively taking up huge spaces in front of them (even if there’s a way to pass them from another lane) and clog spaces behind them, making them less passable.

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