Factoids: Bike Infrastructure

If, for whatever reason, you’ve ever wondered why some places have streets just for bikes, while others don’t even have lane markings on roads, you won’t find that answer here, BUT, here is a list along with some rather informative explanations of the 3 different kinds of bicycle infrastructure.
Class I Bikeway: (Bike Path)
Class I bikeways (Bike Paths) are the equivalent of freeways for bikes/pedestrians. They are car free zones and are ideal for novices who may not be as comfortable biking with automobile traffic.

Orange Line Class I Bikeway via wellsphere.com

Class II Bikeway: (Bike Lane)

Class II Bikeways (Bike Lanes) are painted areas on the side of streets designated for bicycles. The presence of a line on the street gives bicyclists and motorists visual clarity. Some cities have gotten fancy with their on-street bike lanes and have created “cycle tracks” by creating physical barriers between cyclists and cars.
Class III Bikeway: (Bike Route)

Class III Bikeways (Bike Routes) represent the majority of our current bicycle infrastructure. It usually bridges the gap between the other types of bike facilities. Signs may designate its existence, but there are few if any roadway markings. One bike route ¬†innovation is the “Sharrow,” which provides lane markings to better inform motorists about bicycles. Another innovation is the creation of bicycle boulevards that limit motor vehicle access on regular city streets.

Sharrow via bike-pgh.org

For a more detailed look at LA’s new Bike Plan, click below


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