Green Trash for All

Just about everything has a green variant. There are LEED certified green buildings, plug-in hybrid green cars, low-flow green toilets, etc. Add to the list green trash cans….

via BigBelly Solar

Philadelphia got them… Pasadena got them… Meet the BigBelly solar compactor. BigBelly compactors are capable of taking in 4-5x more garbage than a standard trashcan. The solar powered bins compact garbage, thereby allowing for more capacity given the same footprint.

According to BigBelly Solar, “intelligent waste collection systems lowers operating costs, fuel consumption, and greenhouse gas emissions associated with the waste collection process – by up to 80%.”


Solar Compactors come with CLEAN wireless network monitoring and management software that provides real-time collection and fullness information. This information provides a major advantage for sanitation departments that would result in fuel and labor savings due to no wasted trips.

Innovation like these are important as society continues to struggle do find a way to do more with less.

To find out more click below


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