Keeping Pedestrians in Mind

San Bruno BART Station

Pedestrians benefit when cars are forced to slow down. The San Bruno BART Station elicits the help of STOP signs, speed bumps, concrete islands, barriers, and road markings to help slow down cars.

Pedestrian facilities in parking garage

The mall removed parking spaces to allow for a marked pedestrian path. This path connects the San Bruno BART Station with Target, JC Penny, the Food Court, and Movie Theater.

"Safe Dispersal Area" road markings

“Safe Dispersal Area” road markings tell motorists that they are sharing the road with pedestrians. Visuals such as these let pedestrians know that they belong in this area as well.

Pedestrian walkway that connects mall to street (looking towards street)

This concrete  isthmus between a sea of parking is a welcome relief for pedestrians who walk to the mall. Rather than traversing a large parking lot, walkways such as these enhance pedestrian safety, which makes walking a more viable option.

Pedestrian walkway that connects mall to street (looking towards mall entrance)

It goes to show that with minor modifications, pedestrians can be accommodated in a world where cars have come to dominate.


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