Park City @ Utah

This year, my friends and I decided that it’s time to change things around and go snowboarding somewhere else instead of our usual Tahoe location. We managed to get our hands on cheap tickets via Southwest Airlines to go to Salt Lake City, Utah.

When you think of Utah, what do you imagine. Probably a place filled with a bunch of mormons and strict alcohol limitations. That is probably true to some extent. However, a 30 minute bus ride away, there exists a destination that is what I believe to be the best managed small city in the United States.

Barren slopes of Park City

Famed for it’s central location between three ski resorts, Park City is the place to go if you’re itching to go down slopes lightning fast, with just you and the mountain alone. It is home to Park City Mountain Resort, The Canyons, and Deer Valley Ski Resort. All three of which are conveniently accessible through it’s famous free public transportation.

Bus Map for Park City

Basically, from anywhere in the city, one can get around to everywhere in the city by just riding the bus. Whether you would like to something to eat, go barhopping, and even skiing or snowboarding, all you gotta do is hop on the bus and ride away, all free at no charge, freeing the need of renting a car for the average budget tourist.

Park City receives most of it’s revenue through visitors from all over the world, and because of that the city treats visitors with amazing hospitality. Majority of the locals are accommodating and helpful. It’s not an unlikely occurrence that one will go out of their way to help you out if you are in need.

The locals are used to people visiting their city because there are a number of events that take place each month.

One of the Main Theaters for the Sundance Film Festival

Every year the Sundance Film Festival is held in Park City as well as other cities in Utah. Through years of hosting events like this, Park City has learned to accomodate a huge influx of visitors for a short period of time, and then clean up quickly like nothing happened the next week. I visited Park City a week after the festival, and I couldn’t even notice such a big event took place.

On Top of the Large Hill Ski Jump at Utah Olympic Park

Park City is also home to the Utah Olympic Park. Constructed in preparations for the 2002 Winter Olympics, it is one of the most kept up to date olympic facilities in the whole world. The main reason for this is because Utah actually made a tremendous profit from the olympics, enough to upkeep this facility for 20 years after the event. Olympians from all over the world train at this facility each month. In fact, the Luge World Cup was held here while I was visiting. It is also one of the few olympic centers where a normal average joe can train or take lessons among gold medal bearing olympians.

I believe everyone should make time to visit this wonderful city at least once in their lives. Whether it’s just going to a comedy club on main street, snowboarding in the winter, mountain biking in the summer, or simply just escaping from the dense smog of urban cities, Park City is the place to go.


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  1. free public transportation… nice lol

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