About the Authors

Siam B Pewsawang

I graduated from the University of California, Davis with a degree in Biological Sciences (emphasis in Ecology), and a minor in Environmental Policy and Planning. I have held driving positions at 2 city level transit agencies (Unitrans (fixed-route service), and Davis Community Transit (paratransit services)). I have also interned at the Caltrans Department of Research and Innovation (DRI), where my research focused on bicycle/pedestrian infrastructure, and planning. I am currently an intern for the Los Angeles Department of Transportation Bike Program.

I grew up in Winnetka, CA, an auto-centric suburb of Los Angeles. During my time as an undergrad at Davis, my perception of transportation changed. I came from a culture that drove from one end of a shopping plaza to another, but my time at Davis introduced me to walking, biking, and public transit as an efficient means for getting around. Returning home, I noticed that existing facilities are not conducive towards accommodating alternate modes. All communities should be more integrated with shops next to housing, housing next to schools, and work next to home. The proximity of these various facets essential to urban life increases convenience, decreases distances to relevant destinations, and through this commonality may rise a sense of community.

It is my hope for this blog to educate as well as entertain, to enlighten as well as empower. I want people to know that they have a say in determining what kind of community they live in.

Rosa Trieu

I graduated from the University of California, Davis as an English major with a minor in Asian American Studies. The bulk of my work experience has been customer service. I’ve been a Food Service Worker for Sodexho on campus, a cashier at Shun Fat Supermarket and a Customer Sales Representative for the Campus Unions Games Area. After completing one summer-long optometry internship (with Dr. Gong in Sacramento) and journalism internship (with Eastern Group Publications through UCCS), I became confident that I wanted to pursue journalism because I think it’s the most suitable way for me, according to my interests, to change the world (my ultimate goal) by making people aware of issues around them.

I enjoy reading, writing, editing, traveling and outdoor activities.

From the end of November 2009 to November 2010, I was living and teaching in Beijing to fulfill my aspirations to be able to communicate in Mandarin, become more independent, learn to adapt to a different culture through immersion and witness the historical rise of China.

I am currently a journalism student at USC Annenberg School for Communication and Journalism.

At the very least, I hope my posts raise awareness about social issues. At most, I hope they make YOU want to use the abilities and resources you have to make a positive difference in this world.

For real-time updates, as well as frequent posts about my adventures, visit my Twitter (tacophish).

William A Truong

One of my most favorite hobbies include travelling to places to gain new experiences, perspectives, as well as to see how other people live their lives. I hope to use this blog to share  what I’ve seen during my journeys to entice curiosity and different outlooks in regards to the living patterns of other people around us.

Anyways, a little more about me. Like I said, I grew up in San Jose, California and eventually attended UC Davis studying Computer Science. I fortunately landed a job being a software engineer straight out of college for a company located in Sacramento.

However that doesn’t mean I didn’t have an opportunity to explore! There is always time for your hobbies, no matter how busy you are. I’ve gotten the chance to ride the slopes of Tahoe, CA. I’ve made it to Hong Kong studying abroad. I’ve religiously had a street food only diet during my stay at Taiwan. I’ve been in awe at the number of high rises in New York. These are a few of the experiences I’ve managed to squeeze in between my time at UC Davis and full time job as a software engineer.

I hope to find more time exploring the world and sharing my experiences with streetsforall. Where there’s a will there’s a way!

Sunny Virdi

As a writer for ‘Streets for All’ I hope to bring a practical perspective and approach to our articles by focusing on the economics of implementing alternative forms of transportation, and current economic issues as they relate to our environments, both built and natural.

Much like a number of my fellow writers I grew up in a suburb of Los Angeles, a city notorious for its transportation inefficiencies. In my later years of high school I took a growing interest in the environment and understanding the impact human beings have had on our planet. I participated in the California Envirothon, sponsored by Canon for two years, which focuses on developing an understanding in all aspects of the environment and exploring solutions to our current environmental issues.

Since high school I have completed a significant amount of course work in my personal interests of Engineering and Environmental Science in addition to my Engineer-in-Training license in California. My professional interests however are in Finance, and I am currently in the final year of completing my B.A. in Economics from the California State University, Sacramento.

Through this blog I hope to integrate both my professional and personal interests and demonstrate to our readers how increasingly incorporated issues in our world are becoming and what we can do at the individual level to become more aware and active citizens. I hope you all as readers find this blog to be both informational and empowering and as always, we welcome any suggestions in order to make it better.


Kevin Wu

2014 Pharm D. Candidate, USC School of Pharmacy

I am currently a Pharm D. candidate attending the University Of Southern California School Of Pharmacy. Although my interests are varied, health and well-being have permeated in my undertakings and so dominate my interests. Growing up in a diverse community such as Los Angeles and experiencing its wide spread change through the last two decades, I have come to realize how a community can grow and change through various avenues. Also, while attending undergrad at the University of California San Diego, I further realized the delineation of communities according to social and economic availabilities. Where things and places are located affect how often people frequent these areas and thus indicate their behavioral tendencies. It is my hope with this blog to explore how the built environment can shape one’s well being. As a future healthcare professional, I hope to advocate preventative care in the form of proper exercise and nutrition, which can be affected by the built environment in one’s community. Not only do I wish to care for my community members through pharmaceutical and medical treatment, but I hope to understand the bigger picture of stopping disease and illness before it takes hold.  Health and well-being are aspects influenced by many factors; I intend to explore how the physical environment of a community dictates the public health status of its members.  Not only will prevention in the form of changing people’s habits improve the quality of life one experiences, but I feel it will also help curtail the increasing costs of healthcare that is and should be of concern to all of us.


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